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Battle In The Ashes

Battle In The Ashes
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About the Book

Our Land Is Not Your Land - Chilling rumours of a new Nazi movement reach the rebel camp of Ben Raines and his freedom fighters. Led by descendents of Hitler's Third Reich, Commanding General Jesus Mendoza Hoffman has assembled a massive army in the mountains of South America. Estimated at more than 200,000 strong, Hoffman and his New Army of Liberation terrorists will stop at nothing to spread their doctrine of evil across the free world. Striking northward, they march into Mexico, where the Mexican army - under the command of General Payon - is no match for Hoffman's invaders. And now, as the doomsday forces turn Texas into a beleaguered battleground, Raines and his troops must fight to prevent America from erupting in a holocaustic bloodbath of atrocity and death.

Author(s): William W. Johnstone
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: Pinnacle
Release Date: 1999-10-15
ISBN: 0786020245

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