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Franny and Zooey

Franny and Zooey

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About the Book

The author writes: Franny came out in The New Yorker</EM< Zooey. Both stories are early, critical entries in a narrative series I'm doing about a family of settlers in twentieth-century New York, the Glasses. It is a long-term project, patently an ambitious one, and there is a real-enough danger, I suppose, that sooner or later I'll bog down, perhaps disappear entirely, in my own methods, locutions, and mannerisms. On the whole, though, I'm very hopeful. I love working on these Glass stories, I've been waiting for them most of my life, and I think I have fairly decent, monomaniacal plans to finish them with due care and all-available skill.

Author(s): J.D. Salinger
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Release Date:
ISBN: 0316769541

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