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Reading Can Be Fun

Reading Can Be Fun

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About the Book

LETTERSlike A and B and C and Dor T and Y and I and G and O and L.When we put some of them together in little bunches, we call those bunchesWORDSlike the word CAT or DOG or BOY or GIRL.On the heels of Manners Can Be Fun comes the next title in Munro Leaf's acclaimed "Fun" series, Reading Can Be Fun, first published in 1953, with lessons as timely and enduring today as they were then. In his signature style of stick-figure drawings and wholesome text, Leaf demonstrates that reading really can be fun and educational at the same time. As he describes, "The whole wonderful story of the past and the interesting days we live in now take on new color and meaning when we learn more about them through the books we read."With humorous explanations and illustrations children will chuckle while processing the fundamental reasons for learning to read. Books can be best friends, they are the source for good ideas, they are a vehicle for exploring faraway places and meeting all kinds of people, and they help boys and girls get ready to become grownups. Profoundly affecting, reading is a powerful tool in shaping a child's path to confident, happy adulthood. Leaf's "Fun" books also include Grammar, History, Arithmetic, and Science.

Author(s): Munro Leaf
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Universe
Release Date: 2004-09-04
ISBN: 0789312034

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