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Classic Instruction

Classic Instruction
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About the Book

Drawn from a recently discovered archive, this landmark book is a treasure that, until now, golfers could only wish for. A dusty, overlooked box revealed more than 100 photographs of Bobby Jones demonstrating, step-by-step, all the fundamentals of golf; keyed to the photographs was a stack of yellow legal-pad pages filled with meticulous instructions handwritten by Jones himself. It's the next best thing to having a lesson with the great Bobby Jones. Ben Crenshaw's commentary with photos of him--updating Jones's basic instruction and illustrating differences in modern-day golf--makes this remarkable work even more valuable.Classic Instruction offers precise close-ups of the swings, stances, and grips that took Jones to unprecedented victories during the 1920s, before the modern sand wedge had even been invented. Every detail is just as appropriate today, and with photographs of Crenshaw and his own commentary interspersed throughout, the book offers a unique look at the way the masters play golf. In some cases Jones and Crenshaw employ different approaches--especially in their putting, although both men are considered to be two of the finest putters who ever lived. These distinctions provide a fascinating contrast.Jones played competitively more than 65 years ago, but the secrets to his game are as timely as ever. Preserving this wisdom for another generation of golfers, the release of Classic Instruction is an unparalleled golf-publishing event. Printed in Italy, in five colors throughout, this rare find is every golfer's dream come true.

Author(s): Robert T Jones
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: American Geological Institute
Release Date: 1998-05-01
ISBN: 0767902084

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