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My Hunger for Venison [With 32-Page Mini-Sketchbook Hidden Inside]

My Hunger for Venison [With 32-Page Mini-Sketchbook Hidden Inside]

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About the Book

Baseman blurs the line between toy culture and fine art with his iconic images, both playful and dark. I ran away this spring and hid in the woods. I ran so fast I did not look where I was going and smacked my face right into a tree limb, Bam. I fell unconscious with my mouth all bloody. When I awoke, I found this beautiful wild deer girl up against my face, nose to nose, sniffing me. She started licking my dried blood on my lips and began healing me with her tongue. Then she proceeded to devour me. This new collection of drawings introduces my muse Venison. I produced most of these drawings during my stay in Barcelona at the Cafe Rosal. They are not studies for future paintings but final works of art. After my return home to Hollywood, I added several paintings of my wild deer girl to the series. - Gary Baseman ? Includes an abridged reproduction of Baseman's personal sketchbook

Author(s): Gary Baseman
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Baby Tattoo Books
Release Date:
ISBN: 0977894932

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