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Cable & Deadpool - Volume 3: The Human Race (v. 3)

Cable & Deadpool - Volume 3: The Human Race (v. 3)

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About the Book

With Cable recuperating on his island haven of Providence, who else can investigate when there is "A Murder in Paradise?" You know who. Say it. Go ahead. Picture it: Deadpool, as a detective, interrogating the most brilliant pacifists on Earth. Monk and Columbo have nothing to fear. Plus: Deadpool is brainwashed by the mysterious group known as the Black Box to become a mindless assassin (which, honestly, didn't take much washing). So Deadpool does what comes naturally to him - the opposite of what's expected! But hey, where's Cable? And what are Cannonball and Siryn doing in the book? Collects Cable/Deadpool #13-18.

Author(s): Fabian Nicieza
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date:
ISBN: 0785117636

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