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Dogs: The Illustrated Guide to Breeds


Format Hardcover     Publisher Chartwell Books    Category Dogs

It's Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet


Format Paperback     Publisher Hyperion    Category Dogs

Complete Book of Dog Training, The


Format Mass Market Paperback     Publisher Pocket     Studio Pocket    Category Dogs

Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog


Format Paperback     Publisher Mariner Books    Category Dogs

The Working Pit Bull


Format Hardcover     Publisher Tfh Pubns Inc     Studio Tfh Pubns Inc    Category Dogs

Poodles (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)


Format Hardcover     Publisher Tfh Pubns Inc    Category Dogs

Flyball Racing: The Dog Sport for Everyone


Format Paperback     Publisher Howell Book House     Studio Howell Book House    Category Dogs

Akita: Treasure of Japan (Alpha Series)


Format Hardcover     Publisher Mip Pub     Studio Mip Pub    Category Dogs

The Hidden Life of Dogs


Format Hardcover     Publisher Houghton Mifflin    Category Dogs

The Dog Who Rescues Cats: The True Story of Ginny


Format Hardcover     Publisher HarperCollins     Studio HarperCollins    Category Dogs

The Dogs: A Modern Bestiary


Format Paperback     Publisher City Lights Publishers     Studio City Lights Publishers    Category Dogs

Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog


Format Paperback     Publisher Dogwise Publishing    Category Dogs

Dog: The Definitive Guide for Dog Owners


Format Paperback     Publisher Firefly Books     Studio Firefly Books    Category Dogs

Puppies in Pajamas


Format Hardcover     Publisher New Seasons     Studio New Seasons    Category Dogs

The Whole Art of Setter Training


Format Hardcover    Category Dogs

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know


Format Paperback     Publisher Scribner    Category Dogs

Encyclopedia of the Dog


Format Hardcover     Publisher DK ADULT    Category Dogs

Reigning Cats & Dogs: Good Nutrition Healthy Happy Animals


Format Paperback     Publisher Oscar Pubns    Category Dogs

Puppies For Dummies


Format Paperback     Publisher For Dummies     Studio For Dummies    Category Dogs

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds


Format Hardcover     Publisher Barron's Educational Series    Category Dogs

All About Aussies: The Australian Shepherd From A To Z


Format Hardcover     Publisher Alpine Publications    Category Dogs

Dogue: A Parody of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine


Format Paperback     Publisher Metro Books     Studio Metro Books    Category Dogs

The Good Dog Way: Love Them by Leading Them


Format Paperback     Publisher Good Dog Way, The     Studio Good Dog Way, The    Category Dogs