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Europe: A History


Format Paperback     Publisher Oxford University Press, USA    Category European History

The Final Act: The Roads to Waterloo


Format Hardcover     Publisher Henry Holt and Co.    Category European History

Spain: A History


Format Hardcover     Publisher Oxford University Press    Category European History

In Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century


Format Hardcover     Publisher Pantheon    Category European History

A History of Germany 1918 - 2014: The Divided Nation


Format Paperback     Publisher Wiley-Blackwell     Studio Wiley-Blackwell    Category European History

The Franks (The Peoples of Europe)


Format Hardcover     Publisher Blackwell Publishers    Category European History

Dutch Costumes: A Look Into the Past


Format Paperback     Publisher Custom Costumes     Studio Custom Costumes    Category European History

Flags of the German Empire


Format Paperback     Publisher BoD     Studio BoD    Category European History

The Ottoman Empire - Lord Kinross (Slip Case)


Format Hardcover     Publisher The Folio Society     Studio The Folio Society    Category European History

The New Spaniards, 2nd Edition


Format Paperback     Publisher Penguin (Non-Classics)    Category European History

Lady Jackson's Works 8-Volume Set 1878


Format Leather Bound    Category European History

Berlin Diaries, 1940-1945


Format Paperback     Publisher Vintage    Category European History

The German century


Format Hardcover     Publisher Barnes & Noble    Category European History

Yugoslavia's Bloody Collapse: Causes, Course and Consequences


Format Paperback     Publisher NYU Press     Studio NYU Press    Category European History