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Amish Society


Format Paperback Author John Hostetler     Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press    Category United States History

American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer

$5.99 - $6.99

Format Perfect Paperback Author Kai Bird     Publisher Vintage Books    Category United States History

Assassination Vacation

$6.99 - $7.49

Format Paperback Author Sarah Vowell     Publisher Simon & Schuster    Category United States History

Eric Sloane's America


Format Hardcover Author Eric Sloane     Publisher Promontory    Category United States History

Lewis & Clark


Format Oversized Author Stephen Ambrose     Publisher National Geographic    Category United States History

Napa The Story of an American Eden


Format Hardcover Author James Conaway     Publisher Houghton Mifflin    Category United States History

Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition


Format Paperback Author Daniel Okrent     Publisher Scribner    Category United States History

A People's History of the United States


Format Paperback Author Howard Zinn     Publisher Harpercollins    Category United States History

Her Story


Format Paperback Author Charlotte Waisman     Publisher Harper    Category United States History

The March of Democracy 7-Volume Set


Format Hardcover Author James Adams     Publisher Charles Scribner's Sons    Category United States History

Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony Roanoke


Format Hardcover Author Lee Miller     Publisher Mjf Books    Category United States History

The War on Powder River


Format Paperback Author Helena Smith     Publisher University of Nebraska Press    Category United States History

US: A Narrative History


Format Paperback Author James Davidson     Publisher McGraw-Hill Education    Category United States History