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Living Vegan For Dummies


Format Paperback Author Alexandra Jamieson     Publisher For Dummies    Category Vegetarian Cooking

Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

$9.99 - $11.99

Format Hardcover Author Isa Moskowitz     Publisher Da Capo Lifelong Books    Category Vegetarian Cooking

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone


Format Hardcover Author Deborah Madison     Publisher Broadway    Category Vegetarian Cooking

Recipes For Life From God's Garden


Format Spiral-bound Author Rhonda Malkmus     Publisher Hallelujah Acres    Category Vegetarian Cooking

Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine


Format Paperback Author Gabriel Cousens     Publisher North Atlantic Books    Category Vegetarian Cooking

The Victory Garden Cookbook


Format Paperback Author Marian Morash     Publisher Alfred A. Knopf     Studio Alfred A. Knopf    Category Vegetarian Cooking

Vegetarian and Vegetable Cooking


Format Paperback Author Christine Ingram     Publisher Hermes House    Category Vegetarian Cooking



Format Hardcover     Publisher Lebhar-Friedman    Category Vegetarian Cooking

The Deerholme Vegetable Cookbook


Format Paperback Author Bill Jones     Publisher TouchWood Editions    Category Vegetarian Cooking

Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, The


Format Hardcover Author Murdoch Books     Publisher Murdoch Books    Category Vegetarian Cooking

The Vegetarian Bible


Format Paperback     Publisher Publications International    Category Vegetarian Cooking