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Reference Data for Radio Engineers


Format Hardcover     Publisher Sams    Category Engineering

Netcentric System of Systems Engineering with DEVS Unified Process


Format Hardcover Author Saurabh Mittal     Publisher CRC Press     Studio CRC Press    Category Engineering

System Modeling and Simulation: An Introduction


Format Hardcover Author Frank Severance     Publisher Wiley     Studio Wiley    Category Engineering

Mechanics Of Materials


Format Hardcover Author Russell Hibbeler     Publisher Prentice Hall    Category Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering


Format Hardcover Author Arthur Fitzgerald     Publisher McGraw-Hill College    Category Engineering

Introduction to Solid Mechanics (3rd Edition)


Format Paperback Author Irving Shames     Publisher Pearson     Studio Pearson    Category Engineering

The Ancient Engineers


Format Hardcover Author Sprague Camp     Publisher Dorset Pr    Category Engineering

Oscillator Circuits & Projects


Format Paperback Author Stephen Kamichik     Publisher Prompt (DPI - 8/01)    Category Engineering

Field and Wave Electromagnetics (2nd Edition)


Format Paperback Author David Cheng     Publisher Addison-Wesley    Category Engineering

Production Scheduling Handbook


Format Illustrated     Publisher CLANRYE INTERNATIONAL     Studio CLANRYE INTERNATIONAL    Category Engineering

Mechanics of Materials


Format Hardcover Author Russell Hibbeler     Publisher Pearson     Studio Pearson    Category Engineering

Fluid Power Design Handbook (Fluid Power and Control, 12) 3rd Edition Revised & Expanded


Format International Edition Author Frank Yeaple     Publisher CRC Press     Studio CRC Press    Category Engineering

The Engineer's Manual


Format Hardcover Author Ralph Hudson    Category Engineering

The Introspective Engineer


Format Hardcover Author Samuel Florman     Publisher St Martins Pr    Category Engineering

Basic Engineering Mathematics, 6th ed


Format Paperback Author John Bird     Publisher Routledge     Studio Routledge    Category Engineering

Target Costing: Market Driven Product Design (Mechanical Engineering)


Format International Edition Author Bradford Clifton     Publisher CRC Press     Studio CRC Press    Category Engineering

Maintenance Audits Handbook: A Performance Measurement Framework


Format Illustrated Author Diego Pascual     Publisher CRC Press     Studio CRC Press    Category Engineering

Schaum's Outline of Basic Circuit Analysis


Format Paperback Author John O'Malley     Publisher McGraw-Hill    Category Engineering

Landmarks in American Civil Engineering


Format Hardcover Author Daniel Schodek     Publisher The MIT Press    Category Engineering

Remaking the World: Adventures in Engineering


Format Paperback Author Henry Petroski     Publisher Vintage    Category Engineering

Structural Engineering Formulas


Format Hardcover Author Ilya Mikhelson     Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional    Category Engineering

Edison vs. Tesla: The Battle over Their Last Invention


Format Hardcover Author Joel Martin     Publisher Skyhorse    Category Engineering

Principles of Foundation Engineering


Format Hardcover Author Braja Das     Publisher CL Engineering    Category Engineering

Transport Phenomena, Revised 2nd Edition


Format Hardcover Author Byron Bird     Publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc.     Studio John Wiley & Sons, Inc.    Category Engineering

SI Metric Units: An Introduction


Format Paperback Author Herbert Adams    Category Engineering