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European History Books

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Christianity in European History


Format Hardcover Author William Clebsch     Publisher Oxford Univ Pr    Category European History

Voltaire in Exile


Format Hardcover Author Ian Davidson     Publisher Grove Press    Category European History

The Campaign of the Spanish Armada


Format Hardcover Author Peter Kemp     Publisher Facts on File    Category European History

A History of Europe


Format Paperback Author Roberts     Publisher Verdant Publishing, Inc    Category European History

Confrontation at Lepanto: Christendom vs. Islam


Format Hardcover Author Hopkins     Publisher Forge Books    Category European History

The Quest for El Cid


Format Paperback Author Richard Fletcher     Publisher Oxford University Press, USA    Category European History

The Thirty Years War: A Sourcebook


Format Paperback Author Peter Wilson     Publisher Red Globe Press     Studio Red Globe Press    Category European History

The Arms of Krupp: 1587-1968.


Format Hardcover Author William. Manchester     Publisher (c     Studio (c    Category European History

Introduction to Heraldry


Format Hardcover Author Stefan Oliver     Publisher Quantum Books Ltd     Studio Quantum Books Ltd    Category European History

German Boy: A Child in War


Format Paperback Author Wolfgang Samuel     Publisher Broadway    Category European History

Diplomacy (A Touchstone book)

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Format Paperback Author Henry Kissinger     Publisher Simon & Schuster    Category European History

Europe: A History


Format Paperback Author Norman Davies     Publisher Oxford University Press, USA    Category European History

The Franks (The Peoples of Europe)


Format Hardcover Author Edward James     Publisher Blackwell Publishers    Category European History

Paris: From Its Origins to the Present Day


Format Unknown Binding     Publisher Hervas    Category European History

Dutch Costumes: A Look Into the Past


Format Paperback Author Jacki Craver     Publisher Custom Costumes     Studio Custom Costumes    Category European History