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Literary Criticism Books

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Faust the Theologian


Format Hardcover Author Professor Pelikan     Publisher Yale University Press    Category Literary Criticism

Speaking of Beauty


Format Hardcover Author Denis Donoghue     Publisher Yale University Press    Category Literary Criticism

Seven Types of Ambiguity


Format Paperback Author William Empson     Publisher New Directions    Category Literary Criticism

The Official Nora Roberts Companion


Format Paperback Author Laura Hayden     Publisher Berkley    Category Literary Criticism

Structuralism and Semiotics (New Accents)


Format Paperback Author Terence Hawkes     Publisher Routledge    Category Literary Criticism

How to Read Hitler (How to Read)


Format Paperback Author Neil Gregor     Publisher W. W. Norton    Category Literary Criticism



Format Paperback Author Giacomo Leopardi     Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux     Studio Farrar, Straus and Giroux    Category Literary Criticism

War and the Iliad


Format Paperback Author Simone Weil     Publisher NYRB Classics     Studio NYRB Classics    Category Literary Criticism

The Horror of Life


Format Paperback Author Roger Williams     Publisher Univ of Chicago Pr     Studio Univ of Chicago Pr    Category Literary Criticism

Why Homer Matters: A History


Format Hardcover Author Adam Nicolson     Publisher Henry Holt and Co.     Studio Henry Holt and Co.    Category Literary Criticism

Opium and the Romantic Imagination


Format Paperback Author Alethea Hayter     Publisher Univ of California Pr     Studio Univ of California Pr    Category Literary Criticism

Essays on Russian Novelists (1922)


Format Hardcover Author William Phelps     Publisher MacMillan     Studio MacMillan    Category Literary Criticism

The Child That Books Built: A Life in Reading


Format Paperback Author Francis Spufford     Publisher Picador    Category Literary Criticism

Why Read the Classics?


Format Hardcover Author Italo Calvino     Publisher Pantheon    Category Literary Criticism