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Native American Books

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Indian Country


Format Hardcover     Publisher Viking Press    Category Native American

Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes


Format Hardcover     Publisher Knopf    Category Native American

The Earth Shall Weep: A History of Native America


Format Paperback     Publisher Grove Press    Category Native American

Trail of Tears


Format Hardcover     Publisher Wings    Category Native American

Tecumseh: A Life


Format Hardcover     Publisher Henry Holt and Co.    Category Native American

Women's Indian Captivity Narratives (Penguin Classics)

$5.99 - $7.99

Format Paperback     Publisher Penguin Classics    Category Native American

Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of the Oglalas


Format Paperback     Publisher Bison Books (1961)    Category Native American

The Cheyenne


Format Paperback     Publisher Wiley-Blackwell    Category Native American

The Legend of Jimmy Spoon


Format Paperback     Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers    Category Native American

The Way to Rainy Mountain


Format Paperback     Publisher University of New Mexico Press    Category Native American

North American Indian Arts


Format Hardcover     Publisher Goldencraft     Studio Goldencraft    Category Native American

Hopi Silver: A Brief History of Hopi Silversmithing


Format Paperback     Publisher UNKNO     Studio UNKNO    Category Native American

Lakota Woman


Format Paperback     Publisher Grove Press     Studio Grove Press    Category Native American

You call me chief: Impressions of the life of Chief Dan George


Format Hardcover     Publisher Doubleday     Studio Doubleday    Category Native American

Native Nations: Chiefs and Warriors


Format Hardcover     Publisher Bulfinch     Studio Bulfinch    Category Native American

A pictorial history of the American Indian


Format Hardcover     Publisher Crown Publishers     Studio Crown Publishers    Category Native American

The People Called Apache


Format Hardcover     Publisher Galahad Books     Studio Galahad Books    Category Native American

The North American Indians Volume 2


Format Paperback     Publisher Digital Scanning Inc.     Studio Digital Scanning Inc.    Category Native American

Reading and Writing the Lakota Language


Format Illustrated     Publisher University of Utah Press     Studio University of Utah Press    Category Native American