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Nature Books

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The Control of Nature


Format Paperback Author John McPhee     Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux    Category Nature

A Guide to Field Identification; Trees of North America


Format Paperback Author Frank Brockman     Publisher Golden Press     Studio Golden Press    Category Nature

Summer World: A Season of Bounty


Format Illustrated Author Bernd Heinrich     Publisher Ecco     Studio Ecco    Category Nature

A Country Year: Living the Questions


Format Paperback Author Sue Hubbell     Publisher Mariner Books     Studio Mariner Books    Category Nature

The Walker's Companion (Nature Company Guides)


Format Hardcover Author Margaret Forbes     Publisher Time Life Books    Category Nature

The Family Butterfly Book


Format Paperback Author Rick Mikula     Publisher Storey Publishing, LLC    Category Nature

Ecology: The Economy of Nature


Format Paperback Author Robert Ricklefs     Publisher W. H. Freeman     Studio W. H. Freeman    Category Nature

The variorum Walden


Format Hardcover Author Henry     Publisher Twayne Pub.     Studio Twayne Pub.    Category Nature

Library of Natural History: Six Volumes.


Format Hardcover Author Richard Lydekker     Publisher Saalfield,     Studio Saalfield,    Category Nature

Aldo Leopold: A Fierce Green Fire


Format Paperback Author Marybeth Lorbiecki     Publisher FalconGuides     Studio FalconGuides    Category Nature

Timberline: Mountain and Arctic Forest Frontiers


Format Paperback Author Stephen Arno     Publisher Mountaineers Books     Studio Mountaineers Books    Category Nature

Denali: A Literary Anthology


Format Paperback     Publisher Mountaineers Books    Category Nature

Lake Huron (The American Lakes Series)


Format Hardcover Author Fred Landon     Publisher The Bobbs-Merrill Company     Studio The Bobbs-Merrill Company    Category Nature

We Took to the Woods, 2nd Edition


Format Paperback Author Louise Rich     Publisher Down East Books    Category Nature

Venom: The Secrets of Nature's Deadliest Weapon


Format Paperback Author Ronald Jenner     Publisher Smithsonian Books     Studio Smithsonian Books    Category Nature

Grizzly Years


Format Paperback Author Doug Peacock     Publisher Holt Paperbacks     Studio Holt Paperbacks    Category Nature

N by E


Format Paperback Author Rockwell Kent     Publisher Wesleyan    Category Nature

Walden and Civil Disobedience


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Henry Thoreau     Publisher Signet Classics    Category Nature

H is for Hawk


Format Paperback Author Helen Macdonald     Publisher Large Print Press    Category Nature

Oaxaca Journal


Format Paperback Author Oliver Sacks     Publisher Vintage    Category Nature

This Is Dinosaur: Echo Park Country and Its Magic Rivers


Format Paperback     Publisher Lyons Press     Studio Lyons Press    Category Nature

All Creatures Great and Small


Format Hardcover Author James Herriot     Publisher St Martins     Studio St Martins    Category Nature

In Praise of Wolves


Format Hardcover Author D. Lawrence     Publisher Henry Holt & Co     Studio Henry Holt & Co    Category Nature

Wagner and Abbott's Standard catalog of shells


Format Paperback Author Robert Wagner     Publisher American Malacologists     Studio American Malacologists    Category Nature

The Variorum Walden


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Henry Thoreau     Publisher Washington Square Press, Inc.     Studio Washington Square Press, Inc.    Category Nature

The True Adventures of Grizzly Adams: A Biography


Format Hardcover Author Robert McClung     Publisher William Morrow & Co     Studio William Morrow & Co    Category Nature

Journey to Outermost House (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)


Format Paperback Author Nan Waldron     Publisher Parnassus Imprints     Studio Parnassus Imprints    Category Nature

Watchers at the Pond (Nonpareil books)


Format Paperback Author Franklin Russell     Publisher David R Godine Pub     Studio David R Godine Pub    Category Nature

Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature


Format Paperback Author Kathleen Moore     Publisher Trumpeter     Studio Trumpeter    Category Nature