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African History Books

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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind


Format Paperback Author William Kamkwamba     Publisher William Morrow    Category African History

An African Prayer Book


Format Paperback Author Desmond Tutu     Publisher Doubleday    Category African History

Madagascar: A Natural History


Format Hardcover Author Ken Preston-Mafham     Publisher Facts on File    Category African History

The White Nile


Format Hardcover Author Alan Moorehead     Publisher HARPERCOLLINS @ PUBLISHERS     Studio HARPERCOLLINS @ PUBLISHERS    Category African History

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

$5.99 - $7.99

Format Hardcover Author Ishmael Beah     Publisher Sarah Crichton Books    Category African History

Chameleon Days: An American Boyhood in Ethiopia


Format Paperback Author Tim Bascom     Publisher Mariner Books    Category African History

THE GREAT SAFARI - The Lives of George and Joy Adamson


Format Hardcover Author Adrian     Publisher Harvill    Category African History

Africa: The time has come : selected speeches


Format Hardcover Author Thabo Mbeki     Publisher Mafube     Studio Mafube    Category African History

Mimi and Toutou's Big Adventure: The Bizarre Battle of Lake Tanganyika


Format Hardcover Author Giles Foden     Publisher Knopf     Studio Knopf    Category African History



Format Hardcover Author Tim Jeal     Publisher Penguin Adult HC/TR     Studio Penguin Adult HC/TR    Category African History

Africa: A Biography of the Continent


Format Paperback Author John Reader     Publisher Vintage    Category African History

Conversations with Myself


Format Hardcover Author Nelson Mandela     Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux    Category African History

Serengeti Shall Not Die


Format Paperback Author Bernard     Publisher Collins Fontana Books     Studio Collins Fontana Books    Category African History

The Great Rift: Africa's Changing Valley


Format Paperback Author Anthony Smith     Publisher Sterling Pub Co Inc    Category African History

Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned


Format Paperback Author Peter Holmes     Publisher Authentic    Category African History

Illustrated Long Walk To Freedom


Format Import Author Nelson Mandela     Publisher Little, Brown     Studio Little, Brown    Category African History

Africa and the Bible


Format Hardcover Author Edwin Yamauchi     Publisher Baker Academic     Studio Baker Academic    Category African History

Have You Read the Whole Truth?


Format Paperback Author Shaheed Shabazz    Category African History

This Our Dark Country: The American Settlers of Liberia


Format Hardcover Author Catherine Reef     Publisher Clarion Books     Studio Clarion Books    Category African History

An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography


Format Paperback Author Paul Rusesabagina     Publisher Penguin Books    Category African History

The Blue Nile


Format Paperback Author Alan Moorehead     Publisher Harper Perennial    Category African History

Death in the Silent Places


Format Hardcover Author Peter Capstick     Publisher St. Martin's Press    Category African History

The Battle for North Africa, 1940-43


Format Hardcover Author Jackson     Publisher Mason/Charter    Category African History

I'm not leaving.


Format Paperback Author Carl Wilkens     Publisher n/a    Category African History