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The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True


Format Paperback Author Richard Dawkins     Publisher Free Press    Category Science

An Introduction to Scientific Research


Format Paperback Author Bright Wilson_Jr.     Publisher Dover Publications    Category Science

Walk In Hell (The Great War, Book 2)


Format Hardcover Author Harry Turtledove     Publisher Del Rey    Category Science

Science, Evolution, and Creationism


Format Paperback     Publisher National Academies Press    Category Science

Handbook of Qualitative Research


Format Hardcover     Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc    Category Science

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors: A Search for Who We Are


Format Hardcover Author Carl Sagan     Publisher Random House    Category Science

Tesla: Master of Lightning


Format Hardcover Author Margaret Cheney     Publisher Barnes & Noble Books    Category Science

From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time


Format Paperback Author Sean Carroll     Publisher Plume    Category Science

The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing


Format Paperback Author Dawkins     Publisher Oxford University Press, USA    Category Science

Fourier Analysis


Format Paperback Author W. Korner     Publisher Cambridge University Press     Studio Cambridge University Press    Category Science

The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla


Format Import     Publisher Barnes & Noble Books     Studio Barnes & Noble Books    Category Science

On the Origin of Species


Format Hardcover Author Charles Darwin     Publisher The Heritage Press, New York     Studio The Heritage Press, New York    Category Science

How Emotions Are Made


Format Paperback Author Lisa Barrett     Publisher Mariner Books     Studio Mariner Books    Category Science

Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation


Format Hardcover Author Alan Burdick     Publisher Simon & Schuster    Category Science

The Island of the Colorblind


Format Paperback Author Oliver Sacks     Publisher Vintage    Category Science

Letters to a Young Scientist


Format Hardcover Author Edward Wilson     Publisher Liveright    Category Science

Sir Isaac Newton: His Life and Work


Format Paperback Author Da Andrade     Publisher Anchor Doubleday    Category Science

We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe


Format Hardcover Author Jorge Cham     Publisher Riverhead Books     Studio Riverhead Books    Category Science

A Universe Of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination


Format Illustrated Author Gerald Edelman     Publisher Basic Books     Studio Basic Books    Category Science

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 80th Edition


Format Paperback     Publisher CRC Press     Studio CRC Press    Category Science

Human Development: A Life-Span View


Format Hardcover Author Robert Kail     Publisher Cengage Learning     Studio Cengage Learning    Category Science

Genesis: The Deep Origin of Societies


Format Paperback Author Edward Wilson     Publisher Liveright     Studio Liveright    Category Science

A Short History of Nearly Everything


Format Hardcover Author Bill Bryson     Publisher Broadway    Category Science

A Short History of Nearly Everything

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Format Paperback Author Bill Bryson     Publisher Broadway    Category Science