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Travel Writing Books

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Along the Edge of America


Format Paperback Author Peter Jenkins     Publisher Mariner Books    Category Travel Writing

Down Under


Format Paperback Author Bill Bryson     Publisher Black Swan    Category Travel Writing



Format Paperback Author Robyn Davidson     Publisher Vintage    Category Travel Writing

In a Sunburned Country


Format Paperback Author Bill Bryson     Publisher Broadway    Category Travel Writing

Bella Tuscany: The Sweet Life in Italy


Format Hardcover Author Frances Mayes     Publisher Broadway    Category Travel Writing

The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain

$7.49 - $7.99

Format Paperback Author Bill Bryson     Publisher Anchor    Category Travel Writing

In Morocco


Format Paperback Author Edith Wharton     Publisher Tauris Parke Paperbacks    Category Travel Writing

The Art of Travel


Format Paperback Author Alain Botton     Publisher Vintage    Category Travel Writing

Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod

$5.99 - $7.49

Format Paperback Author Gary Paulsen     Publisher Mariner Books    Category Travel Writing

Travels of William Bartram


Format Paperback Author William Bartram     Publisher Dover Publications    Category Travel Writing

A Year in Provence


Format Paperback Author Peter Mayle     Publisher Vintage    Category Travel Writing

Uncommon Carriers

$6.99 - $7.99

Format Hardcover Author John McPhee     Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux    Category Travel Writing

Dories, Ho!


Format Paperback Author Matt Smith     Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform    Category Travel Writing

My Father's Island: A Galapagos Quest


Format Hardcover Author Johanna Angemeyer     Publisher Viking Adult    Category Travel Writing



Format Hardcover Author Stephen Jones     Publisher MacMillan Publishing Company     Studio MacMillan Publishing Company    Category Travel Writing

Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke


Format Hardcover Author Editors     Publisher Running Press     Studio Running Press    Category Travel Writing

Returning From Camino


Format Paperback Author Alexander Shaia     Publisher Journey of Quadratos, LLC     Studio Journey of Quadratos, LLC    Category Travel Writing

Golden Age of Travel 1880-1939


Format Hardcover Author Alexis Gregory     Publisher Rizzoli     Studio Rizzoli    Category Travel Writing

New Cardiff


Format Paperback Author Charles Webb     Publisher Washington Square Press    Category Travel Writing

A Teacup in a Storm


Format Hardcover Author Mick Conefrey     Publisher Thorsons    Category Travel Writing

Seraffyn's European Adventure


Format Illustrated Author Lin Pardey     Publisher Pardey Books     Studio Pardey Books    Category Travel Writing

Notes from an Italian Garden


Format Import Author Joan Marble     Publisher Black Swan     Studio Black Swan    Category Travel Writing

The Panama Hat Trail (Vintage Departures)


Format Paperback Author Tom Miller     Publisher Vintage     Studio Vintage    Category Travel Writing

Edge of Blue Heaven: A Journey Through Mongolia


Format Hardcover Author Benedict Allen     Publisher Bbc Pubns     Studio Bbc Pubns    Category Travel Writing

Into The Wild

$6.49 - $7.49

Format Paperback Author Jon Krakauer     Publisher Anchor / Random House    Category Travel Writing

Traveling with Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story


Format Hardcover Author Sue Kidd     Publisher Viking Adult    Category Travel Writing

Toujours Provence


Format Paperback Author Peter Mayle     Publisher Vintage    Category Travel Writing

Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World


Format Paperback Author Rita Gelman     Publisher Broadway    Category Travel Writing

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail


Format Hardcover Author Cheryl Strayed     Publisher Knopf    Category Travel Writing

Paris in the Fifties


Format Paperback Author Stanley Karnow     Publisher Three Rivers Press    Category Travel Writing