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Women S Studies Books

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Three Women


Women's Studies

$7.99 - $9.99

Romancing the Ordinary: A Year of Simple Splendor


Format Hardcover     Publisher Scribner    Category Women's Studies

The Secret History of Wonder Woman


Format Hardcover     Publisher Knopf    Category Women's Studies

Nasty Galaxy (Autographed Copy, Sealed package)


Format Unknown Binding     Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons     Studio G.P. Putnam's Sons    Category Women's Studies

Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey


Format Illustrated     Publisher Schocken     Studio Schocken    Category Women's Studies

The Good Body


Format Paperback     Publisher Villard    Category Women's Studies

Forgotten Women: The Leaders


Format Hardcover     Publisher Cassell     Studio Cassell    Category Women's Studies

Women & Power: A Manifesto


Format Illustrated     Publisher Liveright     Studio Liveright    Category Women's Studies

What Makes Us Girls: And Why It's All Worth It


Format Hardcover     Publisher Reason Books     Studio Reason Books    Category Women's Studies

Moving Beyond Words


Format Hardcover     Publisher Simon & Schuster     Studio Simon & Schuster    Category Women's Studies

The Women's Great Lakes Reader


Format Paperback     Publisher Ladyslipper Press     Studio Ladyslipper Press    Category Women's Studies

Three Women


Format Paperback     Publisher Avid Reader Press     Studio Avid Reader Press    Category Women's Studies

Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women's Anger


Format Hardcover     Publisher Atria Books     Studio Atria Books    Category Women's Studies

Nasty Women


Format Paperback     Publisher Picador     Studio Picador    Category Women's Studies

Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey to Herself


Format Paperback     Publisher New World Library     Studio New World Library    Category Women's Studies

The Woman They Could Not Silence


Format Paperback     Publisher Sourcebooks     Studio Sourcebooks    Category Women's Studies

Ain't I a Woman? (Penguin Great Ideas)


Format Paperback     Publisher Penguin Books     Studio Penguin Books    Category Women's Studies

Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife


Format Paperback     Publisher Hay House    Category Women's Studies

Encore: A Journal of the Eightieth Year


Format Paperback     Publisher W. W. Norton & Company    Category Women's Studies

Three Women

$7.99 - $9.99

Format Hardcover     Publisher Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster    Category Women's Studies

A Room of One's Own


Format Paperback     Publisher Mariner Books    Category Women's Studies