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French History Books

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The Trafalgar Companion (General Military)


Format Hardcover     Publisher Osprey Publishing    Category French History

Paris: The Secret History


Format Paperback Author Andrew Hussey     Publisher Penguin Group(CA)     Studio Penguin Group(CA)    Category French History

The Invisible Emperor: Napoleon on Elba from Exile to Escape


Format Hardcover Author Mark Braude     Publisher Penguin Press     Studio Penguin Press    Category French History

The French Academies of the Sixteenth Century


Format Hardcover Author Frances Yates     Publisher Routledge     Studio Routledge    Category French History

A Day with Marie Antoinette (Langue anglaise)


Format Hardcover Author Hélène Delalex     Publisher Flammarion     Studio Flammarion    Category French History

Celestine: Voices from a French Village


Format Paperback Author Gillian Tindall     Publisher Henry Holt & Co    Category French History

Paris: The Biography of a City


Format Hardcover Author Colin Jones     Publisher Viking Adult    Category French History

Heloise & Abelard: A New Biography


Format Hardcover Author James Burge     Publisher HarperOne    Category French History

Winds, Sands and Stars


Format Paperback Author Antoine Saint-Exupery    Category French History



Format Hardcover Author Alexis Tocqueville     Publisher Macdonald & Co     Studio Macdonald & Co    Category French History

Madame Tussaud: A Life in Wax


Format Paperback Author Kate Berridge     Publisher Harper Perennial    Category French History

Georges Clemenceau: France (Makers of the Modern World)


Format Hardcover Author David Watson     Publisher Haus Publishing     Studio Haus Publishing    Category French History

La Belle France: A Short History


Format Hardcover Author Alistair Horne     Publisher Knopf    Category French History

Seven Ages of Paris


Format Paperback Author Alistair Horne     Publisher Vintage    Category French History

Life of Napoleon I; Volumes 1 & 2


Format Hardcover Author John Rose     Publisher G. Bell and Sons, Ltd.    Category French History



Format Paperback Author John Russell     Publisher Abrams, N     Studio Abrams, N    Category French History

When the King Took Flight


Format Hardcover Author Timothy Tackett     Publisher Harvard University Press     Studio Harvard University Press    Category French History

Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution

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Format Paperback Author Simon Schama     Publisher Vintage    Category French History

The Battle of Waterloo


Format Paperback Author Christopher Herold     Publisher New Word City    Category French History

John Burningham's France


Format Hardcover Author Dk Publishing     Publisher DK CHILDREN    Category French History

The Crazy Years: Paris in the Twenties


Format Hardcover Author William Wiser     Publisher Atheneum     Studio Atheneum    Category French History

The Invention of Paris: A History Told in Footsteps


Format Hardcover Author Eric Hazan     Publisher Verso     Studio Verso    Category French History

The Terrible Year : The Paris Commune, 1871


Format Paperback Author Alistair Horne     Publisher Orion Pub Co     Studio Orion Pub Co    Category French History