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French History Books

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Heloise & Abelard: A New Biography


Format Hardcover     Publisher HarperOne    Category French History

The Last Duel (Movie Tie-In): A True Story of Crime, Scandal, and Trial by Combat

$5.99 - $7.99

Format Paperback     Publisher Crown     Studio Crown    Category French History

The Anatomy of Glory: Napoleon and His Guard


Format Hardcover     Publisher Frontline Books     Studio Frontline Books    Category French History

The Rise of the French Communist Party, 1920-1947


Format Hardcover     Publisher Faber & Faber     Studio Faber & Faber    Category French History

France: A Modern History


Format Hardcover     Publisher Univ of Michigan Pr     Studio Univ of Michigan Pr    Category French History

Artisans & Sans Culottes Popular Movemen


Format Paperback     Publisher UNSPECIFIED VENDOR     Studio UNSPECIFIED VENDOR    Category French History

France in the World: A New Global History


Format Paperback     Publisher Other Press     Studio Other Press    Category French History

The Age of Napoleon (Modern Library Chronicles)


Format Paperback     Publisher Modern Library    Category French History

Marie Antoinette: The Journey (Movie Tie-In)


Format Paperback     Publisher Anchor    Category French History

Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen of France


Format Paperback     Publisher St. Martin's Griffin    Category French History

The Private Life of Marie Antoinette


Format Paperback     Publisher UNKNO     Studio UNKNO    Category French History

Joan of Arc: Her Story


Format Hardcover     Publisher St Martins Pr    Category French History



Format Hardcover     Publisher Macdonald & Co     Studio Macdonald & Co    Category French History

Madame Tussaud: A Life in Wax


Format Paperback     Publisher Harper Perennial    Category French History

The Past in French History


Format Hardcover     Publisher Yale University Press     Studio Yale University Press    Category French History



Format Paperback     Publisher Abrams, N     Studio Abrams, N    Category French History

Oeuvres Completes De Moliere 1862


Format Hardcover    Category French History

Waterloo: The 1815 Campaign


Format Hardcover     Publisher Spellmount     Studio Spellmount    Category French History

The Secret Life of the Seine


Format Paperback     Publisher Da Capo Press     Studio Da Capo Press    Category French History

Paris in the Terror


Format Hardcover     Publisher LIPPINCOTT     Studio LIPPINCOTT    Category French History



Format Paperback     Publisher Signet     Studio Signet    Category French History

Napoleon Bonaparte: A Life


Format Hardcover     Publisher Harper    Category French History

Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution


Format Paperback     Publisher Vintage    Category French History