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Birds Books

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Birds (Little Guides)


Format Paperback Author Joseph Forshaw     Publisher Weldon Owen    Category Birds

National Audubon Society North American Birdfeeder Handbook


Format Hardcover Author Robert Burton     Publisher DK ADULT    Category Birds

Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot


Format Paperback Author Mattie Athan     Publisher Barrons Educational Series Inc    Category Birds

Breeding Conures


Format Hardcover Author Robbie Harris     Publisher Tfh Pubns Inc     Studio Tfh Pubns Inc    Category Birds

Raptors of North America: Natural History and Conservation


Format Hardcover Author Noel Snyder     Publisher Voyageur Press    Category Birds

The National Audubon Society Book of Wild Birds


Format Hardcover Author National Society     Publisher Wings    Category Birds

Audubon North American Birdfeeder Guide


Format Illustrated Author Robert Burton     Publisher DK     Studio DK    Category Birds

The Book of North American Owls


Format Paperback Author Helen Sattler     Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers    Category Birds

Newman's Birds by Colour


Format Paperback Author Kenneth Newman     Publisher Struik Publishers     Studio Struik Publishers    Category Birds

Crazy for Birds


Format Illustrated Author Misha Blaise     Publisher Penguin Books     Studio Penguin Books    Category Birds

Hummingbirds: Jewels of Air


Format Hardcover Author Melanie Votaw     Publisher Running Press Book Publishers     Studio Running Press Book Publishers    Category Birds

The Practical Ornithologist


Format Hardcover Author John Gooders     Publisher Simon & Schuster Books     Studio Simon & Schuster Books    Category Birds

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America


Format Flexibound Author David Sibley     Publisher Knopf    Category Birds

The 1826 Journal of John James Audubon


Format Hardcover Author John Audubon     Publisher Abbeville Pr    Category Birds

Owls: The Silent Flyers


Format Paperback Author Lawrence     Publisher Firefly Books    Category Birds

Waterfowl tomorrow


Format Hardcover     Publisher U. S. Dept. of the Interior [1964]     Studio U. S. Dept. of the Interior [1964]    Category Birds

The Hunting Falcon


Format Hardcover Author Bruce Haak     Publisher Hancock House Pub Ltd     Studio Hancock House Pub Ltd    Category Birds

Cockatoos (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)


Format Paperback Author Werner Lantermann     Publisher B.E.S.     Studio B.E.S.    Category Birds



Format Hardcover Author David Burnie     Publisher DK Publishing    Category Birds

Parrots of the World


Format Hardcover Author Joseph Forshaw     Publisher TFH Publications    Category Birds

The Sibley Guide to Birds


Format Hardcover Author David Sibley     Publisher Knopf    Category Birds

Parrots and Related Birds


Format Hardcover Author Henry Bates     Publisher Tfh Pubns Inc    Category Birds

Audubon Handbook: Eastern Birds


Format Paperback Author John Farrand     Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional    Category Birds

American Museum of Natural History Birds of North America


Format Hardcover     Publisher DK ADULT     Studio DK ADULT    Category Birds

Hawaii's Birds


Format Paperback Author Hawaii Society     Publisher Hawaii Audubon Society     Studio Hawaii Audubon Society    Category Birds