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Folk Indie Vinyl CDs

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Year of the Cat

$5.99 - $7.99

Format Vinyl Artist Al Stewart     Studio Rhino    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Wrong End of The Rainbow


Format Vinyl Artist Tom Rush     Studio Columbia Records Stereo    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

American Flyer [LP]


Format Vinyl Artist American Flyer     Studio Unite Artists    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Close To You [LP]


Format Vinyl Artist Carpenters     Studio A&M    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Here Comes Inspiration


Format Vinyl Artist Paul Williams     Publisher A&M     Studio A&M    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Raw Silk [LP]


Format Vinyl Artist Randy Crawford     Publisher Warner     Studio Warner    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl



Format Compact Disc Artist Cat Stevens     Publisher ALBUM GLOBE     Studio ALBUM GLOBE    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde


Format Compact Disc    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Eric Andersen "Blue River"


Format Compact Disc Artist Eric Andersen     Publisher Columbia     Studio Columbia    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Oh Yuck


Format Compact Disc Artist So Light     Publisher ANTI     Studio ANTI    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

The Everly Brothers: Stories We Could Tell [VINYL LP] [STEREO]


Format Compact Disc Artist The Brothers     Publisher RCA Victor     Studio RCA Victor    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Mason Ruffner


Format Vinyl     Studio Cbs Associated    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

How Come The Sun


Format Vinyl Artist Tom Paxton     Studio Reprise Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Kris Kristofferson - The Silver Tongued Devil And I


Format Compact Disc Artist Kris Kristofferson     Publisher Monument     Studio Monument    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Roses in the Snow


Format Vinyl Artist Emmylou Harris     Studio Warner Bros. Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Will o' the Wisp


Format Vinyl Artist Leon Russell     Studio Shelter Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Kate Taylor


Format Vinyl Artist Kate Taylor     Studio Columbia    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl



Format Vinyl Artist Bob Dylan     Studio Columbia    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Jennifer Warnes


Format Vinyl Artist Jennifer Warnes     Studio Arista    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Initial Approach [Vinyl]


Format Vinyl Artist Richard Elliot     Studio Capitol    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Tim Hardin 2


Format Compact Disc Artist Tim Hardin     Publisher Verve Folkways     Studio Verve Folkways    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Suzanne Vega


Format Vinyl Artist Suzanne Vega     Studio A&M Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Desire [LP]


Format Vinyl Artist Bob Dylan     Studio Sony    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Slow Train Coming


Format Vinyl undefined Bob Dylan     Publisher CBS     Studio CBS    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Songs By B.J. Thomas Record Album Vinyl LP


Format Compact Disc Artist J. Thomas     Publisher Parliament     Studio Parliament    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Blind to Reason


Format Vinyl Artist Grayson Hugh    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Skylark - Skylark - Lp Vinyl Record


Format Compact Disc Artist Skylark     Publisher Capitol Records     Studio Capitol Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

All of a Sudden


Format Vinyl Artist John Hiatt     Publisher Geffen Records     Studio Geffen Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Mixed Bag


Format Vinyl Artist Richie Havens     Publisher Verve Forecast Records Label     Studio Verve Forecast Records Label    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

In The Nick Of Time


Format Vinyl undefined Nicolette Larson     Publisher Warner Bros Record     Studio Warner Bros Record    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Air Cut


Format Vinyl Artist Curved Air    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

For the Sake of the Song


Format Vinyl Artist Corbin Band    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Paper Airplane [LP]


Format Compact Disc Artist Alison     Publisher Rounder     Studio Rounder    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Lost and Safe


Format Vinyl Artist Books     Publisher TEMPORARY RESIDENCE     Studio TEMPORARY RESIDENCE    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl



Format Compact Disc Artist Overcoats     Publisher Arts and Crafts     Studio Arts and Crafts    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Take Heart - A&M Records - SP-4310


Format Vinyl Artist Farina     Publisher A&M Records     Studio A&M Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Mother's Spiritual


Format Compact Disc Artist Laura Nyro     Publisher CBS/Sony     Studio CBS/Sony    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Now We Are Timeless [VINYL]


Format Compact Disc Artist Imperial Teen     Publisher Merge Records     Studio Merge Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl



Format Vinyl Artist Jane Olivor     Studio CBS COLUMBIA RECORDS    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Peter, Paul and Mary


Format Vinyl Artist Peter     Studio Warner Bros. Records    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Bridge Over Troubled Water


Format Vinyl Artist Simon Garfunkel     Studio Sony Legacy    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Bookends [Vinyl]

$7.99 - $11.99

Format Vinyl Artist Simon Garfunkel     Studio SUNDAZED MUSIC    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Time Passages

$5.99 - $9.99

Format Vinyl Artist Al Stewart     Studio RCA Victor    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Some Days Are Diamonds


Format Vinyl Artist John Denver     Studio RCA    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Sun Singer [LP record]


Format Vinyl Artist Paul Winter     Studio Living Music    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl

Me And Bobby McGee


Format Vinyl Artist Kris Kristofferson     Studio Monument    Category Folk / Indie - Vinyl