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Misc Vinyl CDs

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A Wild And Crazy Guy


Format Vinyl     Studio Warner Bros. Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

The Christmas Album


Format Compact Disc Artist Mauriat Orchestra     Publisher Philips Records     Studio Philips Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

Home Movie Sound Effects


Format Compact Disc     Publisher AUDIO FIDELITY     Studio AUDIO FIDELITY    Category Misc. Vinyl



Format Vinyl     Studio Word Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

It's Alright


Format Vinyl Artist 3     Studio Subway    Category Misc. Vinyl



Format Compact Disc Artist Julio Iglesias     Publisher CBS     Studio CBS    Category Misc. Vinyl

Tangerine Dream - Phaedra - Lp Vinyl Record


Format Vinyl Artist Tangerine Dream     Publisher Virgin     Studio Virgin    Category Misc. Vinyl

We Want To Love, We Want To Shine [LP]


Format Vinyl Artist Truth     Publisher Impact     Studio Impact    Category Misc. Vinyl

Crystal Illusions Import


Format Vinyl     Studio First    Category Misc. Vinyl

Reggae Greats [Vinyl]


Format Vinyl Artist Third World     Publisher Mango     Studio Mango    Category Misc. Vinyl

I'm Getting My Act Together And Taking It On The Road


Format Vinyl Artist Joseph Papp     Publisher Csp     Studio Csp    Category Misc. Vinyl

Fiafiaga (Celebration)


Format Compact Disc     Publisher Columbia     Studio Columbia    Category Misc. Vinyl

Live From New York


Format Compact Disc Artist Gilda Radner     Publisher WB RECORDS     Studio WB RECORDS    Category Misc. Vinyl

IMPERIALS - time to get it together IMPACT 3082 (LP vinyl record)


Format Compact Disc Artist Imperials     Publisher Impact     Studio Impact    Category Misc. Vinyl

Bonaparte's Retreat


Format Compact Disc Artist Chieftains     Publisher Island     Studio Island    Category Misc. Vinyl

Harari [LP]


Format Vinyl Artist Harari     Publisher A&M     Studio A&M    Category Misc. Vinyl

people got to be free


Format Compact Disc Artist Various     Publisher FOURMOST     Studio FOURMOST    Category Misc. Vinyl

Monty Python LIVE! at City Center (April 1976)


Format Vinyl Artist Monty Python     Publisher ARISTA     Studio ARISTA    Category Misc. Vinyl

John Blake: Yes, I Believe [Vinyl LP] [Stereo]


Format Vinyl     Studio Heartland    Category Misc. Vinyl

Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy - CBS - CBS 32225


Format Compact Disc Artist Al Meola     Publisher CBS     Studio CBS    Category Misc. Vinyl

Oktoberfest Ein Prosit!


Format Vinyl     Publisher Mad-Bag Productions     Studio Mad-Bag Productions    Category Misc. Vinyl

Water Spirit


Format Compact Disc     Publisher Invincible     Studio Invincible    Category Misc. Vinyl

Cycles LP


Format Vinyl Artist Rod McKuen     Studio Buddah    Category Misc. Vinyl

Mourning To Dance


Format Compact Disc     Publisher Lamb & Lion Records     Studio Lamb & Lion Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

Take the Holiday Train (Christmas)


Format Compact Disc     Publisher Holiday (1980)     Studio Holiday (1980)    Category Misc. Vinyl

Clannad - Macalla - RCA - PL 70894


Format Compact Disc Artist Clannad     Publisher RCA     Studio RCA    Category Misc. Vinyl

Age To Age


Format Vinyl Artist Amy Grant     Studio Myrrh    Category Misc. Vinyl

Sense of Purpose


Format Vinyl Artist Third World     Studio Columbia    Category Misc. Vinyl

you've got the power LP


Format Vinyl Artist Third World     Studio CBS    Category Misc. Vinyl

About Me


Format Vinyl     Studio Pickwick    Category Misc. Vinyl

What Becomes a Semi-Legend Most


Format Vinyl Artist Joan Rivers     Studio Geffen Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

The Doris Day Christmas Album


Format Compact Disc Artist Doris Day     Publisher Columbia Limited Edition     Studio Columbia Limited Edition    Category Misc. Vinyl

That Nigger's Crazy


Format Compact Disc     Publisher Reprise Records     Studio Reprise Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

Snowflakes are Dancing [Vinyl]


Format Vinyl Artist Tomita    Category Misc. Vinyl

Sessions Presents:"Connie"


Format Vinyl     Studio MGM Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

A Child of the King


Format Vinyl Artist El Sumaraga     Studio Chapel Records    Category Misc. Vinyl

Clannad 2


Format Vinyl undefined Clannad     Publisher Shanachie S-79007     Studio Shanachie S-79007    Category Misc. Vinyl

Missa Luba


Format Compact Disc Artist Troubadours Baudouin     Publisher Lasgo Chrysalis LTD     Studio Lasgo Chrysalis LTD    Category Misc. Vinyl

I Can Help


Format Vinyl Artist Billy Swan     Studio Monument    Category Misc. Vinyl