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Movies with Charlotte Rampling

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The Mini Witch


Format Widescreen Actor Nichola Burley     Studio Phase 4 Films    Category Family and Kids

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead


Format Widescreen Actor Clive Owen     Studio Paramount    Category Drama

The Verdict


Format Widescreen Actor Paul Newman     Studio 20th Century Fox    Category Drama

Babylon A.D.


Format Widescreen Actor Vin Diesel     Studio 20th Century Fox    Category Action

The Night Porter: The Criterion Collection


Format Widescreen Actor Dirk Bogarde     Studio Criterion    Category Drama

Swimming Pool


Format Widescreen Actor Charlotte Rampling     Studio Universal Studios    Category Suspense

Immortal [Blu-ray]


Format Blu-ray Actor Thomas Kretschmann     Studio FIRST LOOK PICTURES    Category Blu-Ray

The Duchess


Format Widescreen Actor Keira Knightley     Studio Paramount    Category Drama



Format Widescreen Actor Sean Connery     Studio 20th Century Fox    Category Classics



Format Unknown Actor Linda (ii)     Studio FIRST LOOK PICTURES    Category Sci-Fi

Babylon A.D. [Blu-ray]

$4.99 - $5.99

Format Blu-ray Actor Charlotte Rampling     Studio Fox Searchlight    Category Blu-Ray

Great Expectations


Format Fullscreen Actor Ioan Gruffudd     Studio WGBH BOSTON    Category Drama

Red Sparrow [Blu-ray]


Format Blu-ray Actor Jennifer Lawrence     Studio 20th Century Fox    Category Blu-Ray

Red Sparrow


Format Widescreen Actor Jennifer Lawrence     Studio 20th Century Fox    Category Drama