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Conversations With Tom Petty (Omnibus Press)


Format Hardcover Author Tom Petty     Publisher Omnibus Press    Category Musician Biography

U2 Show


Format Hardcover Author Diana Scrimgeour     Publisher Riverhead Hardcover    Category Musician Biography


$5.99 - $6.99

Format Paperback Author Keith Richards     Publisher Back Bay Books    Category Musician Biography

Bob Dylan In America


Format Hardcover Author Sean Wilentz     Publisher Doubleday    Category Musician Biography

Frank: The Voice


Format Hardcover Author James Kaplan     Publisher Doubleday    Category Musician Biography

Waging Heavy Peace


Format Hardcover Author Neil Young     Publisher Blue Rider Press    Category Musician Biography

Zen Guitar


Format Paperback Author Philip Sudo     Publisher Simon & Schuster    Category Music Misc.

Beck: The Art of Mutation


Format Paperback Author Nevin Martell     Publisher Pocket    Category Musician Biography

Opera For Dummies


Format Paperback Author David Pogue     Publisher For Dummies    Category Classical and Opera

Owl City - Ocean Eyes


Format Paperback Author Owl City     Publisher Hal Leonard    Category Sheet Music - Pop/Rock


$7.99 - $9.99

Format Hardcover Author Lecrae Moore     Publisher B&H Books    Category Musician Biography

Music and the Mind


Format Paperback Author Anthony Storr     Publisher Ballantine Books    Category Music Misc.

The Hal Leonard Pocket Music Dictionary


Format Paperback Author Hal Leonard     Publisher Hal Leonard    Category Music Misc.

Willie Nelson: An Epic Life


Format Paperback Author Joe Patoski     Publisher Back Bay Books    Category Musician Biography

The Road to Woodstock


Format Hardcover Author Michael Lang     Publisher Ecco    Category Music Misc.

Copland: 1900-1942


Format Paperback Author Aaron Copland     Publisher St Martins Pr    Category Classical and Opera

Morrissey: Alone and Palely Loitering


Format Hardcover Author Kevin Cummins     Publisher Cassell    Category Musician Biography

Shostakovich: A Life


Format Hardcover Author Laurel Fay     Publisher Oxford University Press    Category Classical and Opera

Stomping The Blues (Da Capo Paperback)


Format Paperback Author Albert Murray     Publisher Da Capo Press    Category Music Misc.

Guide to Chamber Music


Format Paperback Author Melvin Berger     Publisher Anchor    Category Classical and Opera

Just Jazz


Format Hardcover Author Sinclair Traill     Publisher P. Davies    Category Jazz

The Doors: The Complete Illustrated Lyrics


Format Paperback Author Danny Sugarman     Publisher Hyperion    Category Musician Biography

Duke Ellington


Format Hardcover Author James Collier     Publisher Oxford University Press    Category Jazz

Bruce Springsteen Vault


Format Hardcover Author Becker     Publisher Becker&Mayer!    Category Musician Biography