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Sports And Recreation Books

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The Search for the Perfect Golf Club


Format Hardcover Author Tom Wishon     Publisher Sports Media Group    Category Golf

If They Only Knew


Format Hardcover Author Chyna     Publisher HarperEntertainment    Category Boxing and Wrestling

Fire and Fear: The Inside Story of Mike Tyson


Format Hardcover Author Jose Torres     Publisher Warner Books    Category Boxing and Wrestling

Eat This, Not That! For Kids!


Format Paperback Author David Zinczenko     Publisher Rodale    Category Baseball

The Cyclist's Training Bible


Format Paperback Author Joe Friel     Publisher Velo Press    Category Sports Misc.

Pearl Jam - Touring Band 2000


Format Fullscreen Actor Jeff Ament     Studio Sony    Category Baseball

The Prince (Penguin Classics)


Format Paperback Author Niccolo Machiavelli     Publisher Penguin Classics    Category Baseball

On Golf: Lessons from America's Master Teacher


Format Hardcover Author Jim Flick     Publisher Villard    Category Golf

Galloway's Book on Running


Format Paperback Author Jeff Galloway     Publisher Shelter Publications    Category Sports Misc.

Coaching Pitchers - 3rd Edition


Format Paperback Author Joe McFarland     Publisher Human Kinetics    Category Baseball

Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror


Format Paperback Author Patrick Morley     Publisher Zondervan    Category Baseball

Ted Williams: The Biography of an American Hero


Format Paperback Author Leigh Montville     Publisher Anchor    Category Baseball

Elijah Task: A Call to Today's Prophets


Format Paperback Author John Sandford     Publisher Victory House Publishers    Category Baseball

The Penguin Atlas of African History: Revised Edition


Format Paperback Author Colin McEvedy     Publisher Penguin Books    Category Baseball

Softball Skills & Drills


Format Paperback Author Judi Garman     Publisher Human Kinetics    Category Sports Misc.

Summer of '49


Format Hardcover Author David Halberstam     Publisher William Morrow & Co    Category Baseball

The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood


Format Hardcover Author Jane Leavy     Publisher Harper    Category Baseball

The Way In is the Way On


Format Paperback Author John Wimber     Publisher Ampelon Publishing    Category Baseball

My Prison Without Bars


Format Hardcover Author Pete Rose     Publisher Rodale Books    Category Baseball

Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life


Format Hardcover Author Richard Cramer     Publisher Simon & Schuster    Category Baseball

The US Marine Corps since 1945 (Elite)


Format Paperback Author Lee Russell     Publisher Osprey Publishing    Category Baseball

The Education of a Coach


Format Paperback Author David Halberstam     Publisher Hyperion    Category Football

The Rock Says...


Format Hardcover Author The Rock     Publisher HarperEntertainment    Category Boxing and Wrestling

Planet Earth / The Blue Planet: Seas of Life


Format Widescreen Actor David Attenborough     Studio BBC Worldwide    Category Baseball

Karate-Do: My Way of Life


Format Paperback Author Gichin Funakoshi     Publisher Kodansha USA    Category Martial Arts

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game


Format Hardcover Author Michael Lewis     Publisher W. W. Norton & Company    Category Football

Yogi: It Ain't Over


Format Hardcover Author Yogi Berra     Publisher McGraw-Hill    Category Baseball

Payne Stewart: The Authorized Biography


Format Hardcover Author Tracey Stewart     Publisher Broadman Press    Category Golf

Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Mick Foley     Publisher HarperEntertainment    Category Boxing and Wrestling