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Politics And Social Issues Books

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The Rum Diary : A Novel


Format Paperback Author Hunter Thompson    Category Journalism and Media

The Monster of Florence


Format Hardcover Author Douglas Preston    Category True Crime - General

The I-5 Killer, Revised Edition


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Ann Rule    Category True Crime - General

Animal Rights and Human Morality


Format Paperback Author Bernard Rollin    Category Social Issues

The Innocent Man


Format Paperback Author John Grisham    Category True Crime - General

Women Who Run with the Wolves


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Clarissa Ests    Category Women's Studies

Second Treatise of Government


Format Paperback Author John Locke    Category Political Science

Man the Tool-Maker


Format Paperback Author Kenneth Oakley    Category Anthropology and Sociology

And the Sea Will Tell


Format Paperback Author Vincent Bugliosi    Category True Crime - General

A Death in Belmont (P.S.)


Format Paperback Author Sebastian Junger    Category True Crime - General

The Stranger Beside Me


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Ann Rule    Category True Crime - Serial Killers