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Politics And Social Science Books

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Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach


Format Hardcover     Publisher Prentice Hall     Studio Prentice Hall    Category Law

Managing Emergencies and Crises


Format Illustrated     Publisher Jones & Bartlett Learning     Studio Jones & Bartlett Learning    Category Political Science

Spilled Milk: Based on a true story


Format Paperback     Publisher K.L Randis     Studio K.L Randis    Category True Crime - General

Political Order and the Plural Structure of Society


Format Paperback     Publisher Scholars Pr     Studio Scholars Pr    Category Political Science

Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming


Format Hardcover     Publisher Skyhorse     Studio Skyhorse    Category Political Commentary

The Long Slide: Thirty Years in American Journalism

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Format Hardcover     Publisher Threshold Editions     Studio Threshold Editions    Category Political Commentary

Karl Marx


Format Hardcover     Publisher Blackwell     Studio Blackwell    Category Political Science

The Forming of the Communist International


Format Hardcover     Publisher Stanford University     Studio Stanford University    Category Political Science

A Fairer World is Possible


Format Paperback     Publisher Turkuvaz Kitap     Studio Turkuvaz Kitap    Category Political Commentary

Progress and Poverty


Format Hardcover     Publisher Robert Schalkenbach Foundation     Studio Robert Schalkenbach Foundation    Category Political Science

German Marxism and Russian Communism


Format Paperback     Publisher Harper Torchbooks     Studio Harper Torchbooks    Category Political Science

The Autobiography Of Big Bill Haywood


Format Paperback     Publisher New World Publications     Studio New World Publications    Category Political Science

Socialist Thought


Format Hardcover     Publisher Aldine     Studio Aldine    Category Political Science