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Kick the Clutter: Clear Out Excess Stuff Without Losing What You Love

Ellen Phillips


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Ellen Phillips


  • Publisher: Rodale
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781607511649
Is your stuff pushing you out of your home? Find hundreds of proven (and painless) tips for clearing out your clutter room-by-room and top to bottom in Kick the Clutter. For each room, you'll learn how to identify key objects you really love or need, how to separate yourself from stuff you never liked but feel you "have" to keep, and how to let go of those sentimental keepsakes that have outworn their welcome but become a habit. And you'll learn how to reorganize what's left. Once you've cleared all that clutter, you still need to kick it out of your home. You'll find out what to do with all that stuff (and even make some money!)--from how an eBay store works to how to get the most from consignment shops, yard sales, used bookstores, flea markets, and antiques auctions, to how to donate items for tax deductions, to creative ways to get people to haul your junk for free. The key to clutter freedom is to clear out the excess without losing what you love in the process. Look inside for these helpful features:-"Love It or Lose It" gives you the inside scoop on what works and what doesn't.-Kick the Clutter's unique before-and-after workbook feature helps you set your own clutter-kicking priorities.-"5-Minute Fixes" for every room show you what an amazing difference 5 minutes can make.-"The Pros Know" offers you clutter-kicking solutions from the top clutter experts in the country. -"Five Simple Steps to Kick Your Clutter" presents a five-step program that will help you end clutter creep once and for all.-The "Top 10 Clutter Traps" allows you to spot incoming clutter and kick it out before it can get a foothold.-And much, much more!